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During my entire house hunting process, Fenny put her heart and soul into helping me find the right place. She treated me with honesty, respect; she understood my concern during every step and responded as soon as she can. I trusted Fenny with all my heart, and I strongly recommend her during your search for the perfect home. I first met Fenny in summer, 2018. Although I wasn’t completely comfortable with the idea of buying a house and I didn’t find the house I loved until March, every step we took eventually led us to the right place. As a first-time buyer, I was completely lost and worried. From the type of house to location, I was clueless. Fenny reassured me that everything was going to be ok. She answered all my questions, and we were often on the phone discussing the options I have until late at night. During the year that I’ve known Fenny, she never showed a sign of pressuring me into a purchase. Instead, she kept my best interest in mind and helped me figure out the best options, including potentially not buying a house until later on since I was concerned about the cost. However, when I saw my house for the first time, we both decided that it was at the right price point, location, and overall, it was the perfect house for me. We won the bidding war and closed within 20 days of when I first visited the house. Overall, it’s been a great experience working with Fenny, and I hope you’ll get to go on a fun and productive journey with her as well