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What I offer and most other agents do not

  • Free consultation on:(* Up to 2 hours before hiring & throughout the whole purchasing process)
    – Introducing different school systems in the DC metro area and where to find further detailed information.
    – The different types of real estate property ownership.
    – The whole home-buying process from start to finish.
    – The different architectural types of real estate property.
    – Loan program choices and the differences between major lender “brands”. Discuss financial detail, allowing you to evaluate the different options for financing and of reputable lenders and better understanding of your financial status.

  • 24 hour a day Reachable and will respond promptly.
  • Honest and always working in your best interests.
  • Excellent communication skills, which allows me to serve you better and work efficiently with the listing agent or the seller, the lender, the settlement agent, &etc.
  • Walk you through the whole precess after ratifying a sales contract. Save your time & energy on what you HAVE to do and I’ll do the rest for you.
  • Post settlement follow ups. Free annual HVAC check up for the first 2 years to help new homeowners better understand how things are working; A one-hour walk through for first-time homeowners six months after move-in to ensure proper home maintenance and answer your questions.
  • Answer any questions you have related to your purchased home or anyone else’s home at any time!
  • Ask me if there is anything other agents are doing but is not listed here and see if I can do as well!


I appreciate the opportunity to help and represent you in buying or seller a home!